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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Host with the most

Finally the news is out! The host of the LMSA 2006 is none other than Drama King – Bollywood director Karan Johar. In between his shoot for the host profile Karan spoke to us on Style, his most stylish city and why he thinks Jennifer Aniston is his most stylish Hollywood person. And no we didn't get casted for his next movie.

"Style is an individual statement. Just being yourself, is being the most stylish" says Karan. According to him, KANK was his most stylish film. "KKHH was brand conscious, K3G was opulent while KANK had a very understated, very subtle style to it." So who is the most stylish female in the industry? "Preity Zinta because of her personality" and from the yesteryears "Zeenat Aman", comes the reply. And what about Hollywood? "Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. While Jen is the classic American girl type, Angelina has that very sexy style about her", he says.

His debut film, KKHH drove the fashionistas crazy and made Shah Rukh the unofficial GAP ambassador. So if he had to choose the Most Stylish Actor (Male) which one will it be - SRK or Abhishek? "Hmm... that's a tough one, since Shah Rukh's look in KANK was more grungy while Abhishek had that certain elegant maturity in his style. But then their characters were poles apart too" replies Karan. "Style can never be bigger than the star. Look at Amitabh Bachchan. He's the biggest style icon of our country" he says.

Talking about style quotient, Karan’s surely got an edge over most Bollywood directors. "Style isn't everything. Over the top style can never be a substitute for a weak script" he says. The acclaimed director thinks Milan is the most stylish city in the world but agrees that "Tokyo has it's own sense of style as well." This years nominations include his best pals, his closest as well as not so close colleagues. There’s both Rani and Preity for the Most Stylish Actor (Female) and there’s Manish Malhotra vs. Rocky S, both designers for his film.

Watch out for the Karan Johar host profile spots on MTV and don't forget to vote for your favourite nominees.


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