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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Most Stylish Place - Flury's!

The style quotient is running from pillar to post and knocking at every door with the quick approaching evening of 14th October. The LYCRA® MTV Style Awards this year expands its boundaries in every facet. The ‘style’ crown has been passed on from celebrities to the-girl/guy-next-door with a whole new Most Stylish Person Online award. It could be a regular YOU walking down the ramp tomorrow.

The awards have moved from people to (this year’s addition of) Most Stylish Places. And it’s no more just limited to the boundaries of Aamchi Mumbai. We’ve stretched our hands down south with Bangalore’s Most Stylish Place – Koshy’s and now all the way to Kolkata. We’ve spotted it bang on! It's as important a landmark on the Kolkata map as the Victoria Memorial. A place where one can sip a cup of tea watching the world go by. It’s been around for 75 years and responsible for bringing together the city’s literary (and otherwise genius) icons. This is none other than Flury’s - the ‘Most Original’ bakery as they call it!

This year the LYCRA® MTV Style Awards gives Flury's the ‘style’ tag it deserves! You too can be a part of the most stylish event of the year and walk down the ramp with the most stylish people of the industry. Click here to find out more!


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